New Global Headquarters

Room to Grow

Over the next 16 months, MDA is scheduled to move into its new, purpose-built global headquarters and Centre of Excellence for Space Robotics in Brampton, Ontario.

The facility will be home to more than 700 staff and to Canadarm3, the next generation of MDA’s iconic robotic arm technology that has been a crucial part of space exploration since the first Canadarm flew on the U.S. Space Shuttle over 40 years ago.

The 200,000 square foot building will feature state of the art labs, manufacturing, R&D and assembly, integration and test facilities. The new facility is an important aspect of MDA’s plan to expand over the coming years to support its growth strategy.

The Centre of Excellence for Space Robotics will house a unique Space Robotics Mission Control Centre that will enable MDA to provide vital on-orbit operations capabilities to commercial and government customers worldwide.


Square feet



Fall 2023

Target opening

“With this facility, we are laying the groundwork for long-term success in the evolving commercial space robotics market. By utilizing the most modern and cutting-edge technology, we are able to turn imagination into innovation for customers seeking robotics for their missions, as well as to control those robotics once they are in space from our new mission control centre. This is all about building on the success of Canadarm and taking our proven robotics capabilities to commercial customers.”
Mike Greenley, CEO

Critical to the industry

MDA’s industry-leading end-to-end design and operations capabilities are critical for advanced space applications such as space station robotic operations, in-space manufacturing and assembly, space tourism and space mining.

The steady rise in the number of satellites and other spacecraft being launched worldwide is generating demand for on-orbit servicing solutions – including the ability to upgrade, repair, relocate and refuel satellites that are already in space or fix anomalies following launch.

“Our new headquarters and Centre of Excellence for Space Robotics creates an unmatched facility for our team to be part of. There is intense competition for the best talent and for those looking for a career and adventure, MDA offers a compelling and unique opportunity to join a company with a space-oriented mission and purpose.”
Mike Greenley, CEO
Command Room